Significant projects over 25 years.

Tender bidding
Corporate communications
Book editing

Corporate communications

Writing and editing services: Clients include leading companies, professional services firms and Federal and State agencies, authorities and corporations.

Naming and positioning: Working with designers, agencies and brand specialists to create and position brand names that have developed significant value.

Plain English services: Plain English, required by law for some consumer contracts, is valuable in all corporate communications, adding clarity and purpose. It is especially useful in reaching audiences from non-English-speaking backgrounds.

Integrating the message: Working with graphic designers and advertising agencies to integrate words and images into effective communications. This saves clients time and money and improves results.

“John Carrick proved that he can take a complex message and transform it into your most valuable sales asset”

– Peter Dormand, Manager, Newcastle City Council

“John defines and clarifies our offer to the market and thereby strongly supports our drive for growth”

– Annette West, Commercial Manager, Arogen Pty Ltd